EasyRoll 4.19

Provides an alternative to configure a ConveyLinx controlled conveyor system
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The EasyRoll Software Configuration Tool is a PC based application that provides an alternative means to configure a ConveyLinx controlled conveyor system. EasyRoll also provides the ability to change ConveyLinx module default parameters that are otherwise not accessible from the module’s built-in Auto-Configuration routine.
Basic Features
Some of the basic module parameters that can be modified by EasyRoll are:
· ZPA Mode Selection (singulation, train, etc.)
· MDR brand and type
· MDR rotation direction
· MDR speed, acceleration and deceleration time values
· Jam and Run clear time values
· Look Ahead slow down feature enable and settings
· Blink & Wink function used to visually locate an ERSC on the conveyor
EasyRoll provides the ability change these parameters for a single module or a group of modules all at once.
EasyRoll has the ability to display the status information for any ConveyLinx module on the network’s subnet.

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